Participate – Emergent Literacy

Example of a Preschool Schedule (7am-12pm)

Bianca Zeko, Jenna Falconieri, Rachael Garcia


Routine: Description:

Come In/ Breakfast Time –

Asking the students what they are eating and what they like about what they are eating or what they don’t like about what they are eating

Transition –

The teacher will hold up flashcards with letter on it.

If the student’s name starts with that letter they can go to the carpet

8:00am- 8:30am

Song/ or Song Choices –

Greeting songs with rhyming/repetition such as “Hello, How Are You?”

(Introduce a new song, or allow children to choose song(s) already known.)

  • Students will then sing the ABC’s with their teacher as a class. The teacher will have a letter of the day and every student will have to think about something in a specific category that begins with that letter. The teacher will choose one student who will pick the category.

Ex: category is animals and the letter of the day is A- the students will have to think of different animals that start with A, anteater, aardvark, ant, etc.

8:30am- 8:45am

Calendar –

  • Sound out syllables of month/day of week
  • Find day of the week (“Days of the Week” song)
  • Count together to find current date
8:45 am- 9:00 am

Weather Chart –

Discuss daily weather/temperature and select according sight-word cards with pictures.

Weekly Poem-

Students will hear the teacher read the weekly poem. Then, the students will read the poem with the teacher. Every day the teacher will point out something out about the poem that the students should notice whether it’s a pattern, repetition, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Obviously the weekly poem changes every week.
9:20am- 10:15am

Book Activity –

Harold and the Purple Crayon

by Crockett Johnson
Think about a question you  have about the book or a comment you have about the book, we will go around in a circle
Give each child in the morning circle paper and a purple crayon. Have the children draw a picture of a place that they have been to or would like to visit/explore. Then invite the children to share their pictures and stories.
The students will then find their reading partner and will take turns reading their books with their reading partner.



Snack Time

Students will eat any snack they desire and talk amongst their peers at their table.


The teacher will hold up flashcards with a letter on it.

If the student’s name starts with that letter they can go to the carpet



  1. Students will practice writing their first and last initial on trace paper, and then will practice writing their full time with trace paper
  2. Students will explore shapes and will explore ways they can use these shapes to build

Students will get a chance to do both of these


11:50 am-12:00 pm Pack up and Dismissal



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